How a Bail Bondsman Can Assist you through the Legal Process

courtroomBeing a defendant in the criminal justice system can be a traumatic and distressing experience for anybody. No matter how you balance things, all the powers of the state machinery going after the accused in a criminal case puts the accused at a very great disadvantage. And this is true no matter how many possible advantages a defendant has.

Aside from the legal services of your lawyer, you can also make good use of the legal and practical resource that your bail bondsman can offer you. Many times, defendants who are experiencing a criminal trial for the first time will find it hard to think clearly about any decision he or she needs to make as he is processed by the criminal justice system, including the financial and legal decisions involved during the bail process. What would be simple or common legal or financial matters can become complex and stressful things to consider.

jailFor instance, a defendant going through the bail process for the first time might find it difficult to navigate the complexities of securing his or her liberty. A bail bondsman can assist the defendant if he or she does not have the money for his bail, thus enabling the defendant to be freed from jail, albeit temporarily, and have a better chance of preparing for his or her trial. The help and assistance of the bail bondsman is not just financial, either.

The Evansville bail bondsman has the legal knowledge and practical experience of how to navigate the system in order to secure the defendant’s release at the soonest possible time. This might entail certain legal requirements and legal conditions which may be difficult for a lay person to understand, especially if it is only the defendant’s first offense. The legal system can be confusing and troubling to anybody not well-versed in its intricacies, so it is always a good idea to have the help and resources of personalities with relevant experience like a criminal lawyer and a bail bondsman. With their help, they can simplify and help you understand the legal process which you are going through.

binding contractWhat makes this process of bail so important is because pre-trial detention can have a significant impact on the criminal proceeding itself, and on the welfare of the defendant. When an accused cannot afford to pay for his or her bail, he has no choice but to stay in jail until his trial is resolved. And while theoretically, all defendants are tried by an impartial and objective court, reality seems to lead to the opposite conclusion. Studies have shown that those who were detained prior to and during the course of the trial were more likely to be sentenced to prison, receiving sentences that were longer than average.

In addition, defendants who could not afford to pay for their bail were more likely to agree to plea deals and to plead guilty to a lesser offense, all in the interest of getting out of jail, regardless of whether they were actually guilty or not. To any judge, admitting to guilt means that the defendant has admitted to guilt and liability, but to the defendant, the prospect of going free carries a bigger weight than what goes on their record. The help of a bail bondsman can prevent defendants from making decisions based on a purely superficial grasp of the law. If you happen to live in Bakersfield and need a good bail bondsman go to for more information.