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Nov 13

What Literature and Legal Resources Tells Us About Fugitive Arrests


When a person skips out on their bail, technically, they become fugitives, or individuals that flee one jurisdiction in order to evade arrest and detention. Bail fugitives are those individuals that would have been in jail had they not been released out on bail, and who now also flee the court’s jurisdiction in order to …

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Nov 11

Literature and Legal References Governing Bail Bonds


It is always a good idea, should you be involved in a legal proceeding, to do your own research. Of course, having competent legal assistance is best, but sometimes, there are just some things that can escape your understanding even when a lawyer explains them to you. Everyone is always encouraged to learn more about …

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Nov 09

The Law on Bail and Bail Bonds Based on Literature and Resources

A person arrested is usually entitled to a bond, the amount of which will be based on a bond schedule that serves as a general guide to courts for the imposition of bail amounts. Being just a guide, the court has the discretion to increase this amount based on variables such as whether or not …

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Nov 05

The Financial Side of Surety Bonds and Bail


Brought down to the most basic essentials, the concept of bail is simple. If you are in custody awaiting the date of your trial, the court will allow you temporary freedom on the condition of your return when the trial starts. But because there is an assumption that defendants will not voluntarily return to face …

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Nov 02

How a Bail Bondsman Can Assist you through the Legal Process

binding contract

Being a defendant in the criminal justice system can be a traumatic and distressing experience for anybody. No matter how you balance things, all the powers of the state machinery going after the accused in a criminal case puts the accused at a very great disadvantage. And this is true no matter how many possible …

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